Thursday, 23 October 2014

Rakau Sticks in Room 20 on 12/8/14

On Tuesday we went to Room 20 and we played with the rakau.  Mrs Nind was teaching us. I liked it when we sung the National Anthem.   written by Kezia Nolan. (Room 17)

We watched a youtube clip. We used rakau. We buddied up. I buddied up with Blake. We practised the "E papa waiari" song. Mrs Nind put on some music so we could dance and sing.
written by Riley Scott  (Room 17)

Monday, 4 August 2014

The Whole School NED Show on 4/8/14

The man used lots of tricks with his yo-yo to tell the children the Ned story. He was quite clever and humorous.

On Monday we watched the Ned Show. The man did some tricks with a tissue. He put it in his mouth and he pulled the tissue out.        written by Fernando Nu'a  (Room 17)

The Ned Show was funny and awesome. The man did tricks. He was from America. The yo-yo went up and down. The man made a star with the yo-yo. He was walking the dog around the world. I liked the Ned story.       written by Jennifer-Rose Hosking. (Room 17)

On Monday we went to the Ned Show. It was funny. The man made a star with the yo-yo. He made the Eifel Tower. He made a roller coaster. He told a story. There were aliens in it. There was Ned in it. He had a bad attitude. He went around the world.    written by Riley Scott. (Room 17)

Ukulele in Room 18 on 29/7/14

The children learned how to play some familiar songs using the notes C and G.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Room 18. First we watched a video clip. The lady showed us how to put our fingers on the strings.     writing by Cairo Venning (Room 17)

The colours of the ukuleles are brown and black and green and red and yellow. My favourite tune was "Row, row, row your bath" because I was laughing and laughing.    writing by Riley King (Room 17)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Parachute Play on 22/7/14

On Tuesday 22 July, as part of the Koru Team Performing Arts rotation, Room 17 moved a huge colourful parachute in time to music. We had to make room in our classroom by moving the tables and chairs to the sides. We then learned the actions to three songs altogether. Just to check that we remembered the moves, we had another play with the parachute the next day before we put the tables back. We wrote stories about it and five people got to share their stories about it at our Te Roopu Koru Assembly on Friday. Check out our stories currently on display pegged to the window wire.
We are looking forward to the next six Tuesday afternoon rotations to the other Te Roopu Koru classrooms.

Music Missions Concert

On Friday June 27 at 2pm the whole school was fortunate to experience a music concert. Groups from Te Roopu Matau and Patu had worked with musicians from around the world along with instruments including broomsticks, rubbish bins, drumsticks, ukuleles and their voices during the week. They put on a concert for us all of everything they had learned over the week.


In weeks 7 and 8 each of our classes in the Koru Team had some fun-filled sessions with Jeanette. 

We did a variety of big ball skills in pairs.

We played a variation of the game Rob the Nest.

We finished off playing some games of netball.

Buddy Class Art Session

On Friday 13 June we did art with our buddy class, Room 9. 
Room 17 started before playtime by painting a background. The theme was mini beasts. 

After play, Room 9 joined our class. We viewed a youtube clip of the well-known story 
The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Then we made chain caterpillars from strips of coloured paper 
and decorated butterflies using crayon, felt pens or collage.

The finished product was put on display in the hall.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Arbor Day on 5 June

Today two children from each class got to walk down to Trentham Memorial Park to plant trees for Arbor Day. 
Blake and Mikayla represented Room 17. They had an early lunch before they left at 12.30pm.

   They came back excited and full of stories! The holes had already been dug when they got 
    there. They had to take off the black plastic bags around the roots before putting the plants into
    each hole. Then they filled up the holes with dirt and stamped it down with their gumboots.    

    Mikayla planted ten trees and Blake planted eleven trees. Altogether that makes ...?

    "It was really good" said Mikayla. 
    "It was fun!" Blake said.

    Can you see the mud on their hands before they washed them?!

Buddy Class Time on 30 May

Each week after morning tea on a Friday we meet with our buddy class Room 9 in Room 17.

They have helped test our spelling words, we have shared books and over the last two weeks we have played Maths games together.

Today we explored some of the apps on our school iPads.

As it was Mrs Kay's birthday some children used the Pic Collage app.

Emma and the room 17 children made a beautiful birthday card.

    Elisapeta asked her Mum to make a carrot cake. She helped her Mum ice it: White chocolate and
    cream cheese. Mmm!

    The tail on the 'y' came off on the plastic wrap! We got to have a piece at home time. 
    It was delicious!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Koru Team Cross Country Race

The following are some of today's stories about yesterday's Cross Country run. Enjoy!

The Cross Country.   By Kezia Nolan 
My Mum and Owen came to watch me. I felt happy and I had fun. We ran two times around the field.
I came twenty-nineth in the race.

Yesterday afternoon we had our Junior Cross Country on the Junior field. I came twenty third. We had to run two times around the field. I felt puffed and I had a stitch in my throat. It was hard to breathe.
By Courtnay Lundon 

In the Cross Country I came eleventh. I felt proud of myself before the race started.  I had to run around the field twice.  While I was running my Mum said "Well done Liam! Keep on running".
By Liam Aitken

Thursday, 15 May 2014

ASB getWise visit on Friday 9 May

Vane visited our classroom and had the children totally captivated for a full 45 minutes. He talked to the children about money. We loved it when Vane dressed up as Captain Cashtanstic. He made us part of his superhero team and he had secret words like "munches mash".
He showed us the coins and notes that we use for money in New Zealand. We learned what the colours of all New Zealand notes are and we also learned that notes are worth more than coins. 
Vane told us the difference between needs and wants. He said that needs are the things that we need to have to live, like food, water and a house to live in. Wants are the things that we don't need (have to have) in order to live. He encouraged us to save our money for things that we might like to buy later. Check out the book that our awesome teacher aide Emma made about Vane's visit:

Triathlon on 4 April

Trentham School held it's first ever whole school triathlon on Friday 4 April.
First Koru, then Matau, followed by Patu, the children scootered, swam and ran their way around the school. It was an amazing sight to see children being so energetic and having loads of fun along the way. Check these awesome photos out!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Athletics on Friday 28 March

Today the junior school got to have their first athletics rotation. 
We learned about jumping over hurdles leading with the same leg each time.
Then we had a go at throwing quoits. Mr Searle showed us the throwing technique.

After that we did some relay running with Mrs Vink.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

With our inquiry (topic study) in weeks 5-8 of this term, we have been looking at how to keep ourselves safe. Constable Fenton has come into each of the junior classes to help with some of the sessions. 
We have explored a lot of important ideas to do with this topic. 
We started off learning about the importance of knowing our full names, addresses and telephone numbers in case we get lost. We viewed a Brian and Bobby DVD to show this.
We learned about some of the different feelings that we can have.

Then we learned about the proper names for our body parts. A few of these names were new to us.

Next we learned about touch that we like, touch that we don't like (that hurts us) and touch that confuses us.

We explored different situations that we might find ourselves in where we need to say "no" to touch that hurts us or makes us feel uncomfortable. We sung a song that helps us remember what to do and we did some shared writing about tickling that goes on for too long:

We learned about the difference between keeping good suprises and bad secrets.

We learned about stranger danger.

During our last session with Constable Fenton on 27 March, we learned about all the people that we have around us who we can go to to ask for help, from our immediate family, to different people at school, to people in our wider community.

Rhythm Interactive Performance on 21 March

The whole school was fortunate to participate in an amazing drumming concert today.
Everybody got to play on their own drum and together we all made drumming rhythms under the guidance of Johnny and Lucy. What an awesome time we had!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Junior Cricket Skills on Monday 17 March

Today all the junior classes had a taste of what cricket is all about.
Raj and Chandra helped to teach the children some of the cricket skills of batting, bowling and fielding the ball. 
In relays, we got to bowl the ball at the wicket. Then we had to pick up the ball and throw it back to the next person. 
When we were practising catching the cricket ball, we learned about how important it is to keep our eyes on the ball. 
Our class had so much fun!