Thursday, 5 June 2014

Arbor Day on 5 June

Today two children from each class got to walk down to Trentham Memorial Park to plant trees for Arbor Day. 
Blake and Mikayla represented Room 17. They had an early lunch before they left at 12.30pm.

   They came back excited and full of stories! The holes had already been dug when they got 
    there. They had to take off the black plastic bags around the roots before putting the plants into
    each hole. Then they filled up the holes with dirt and stamped it down with their gumboots.    

    Mikayla planted ten trees and Blake planted eleven trees. Altogether that makes ...?

    "It was really good" said Mikayla. 
    "It was fun!" Blake said.

    Can you see the mud on their hands before they washed them?!

Buddy Class Time on 30 May

Each week after morning tea on a Friday we meet with our buddy class Room 9 in Room 17.

They have helped test our spelling words, we have shared books and over the last two weeks we have played Maths games together.

Today we explored some of the apps on our school iPads.

As it was Mrs Kay's birthday some children used the Pic Collage app.

Emma and the room 17 children made a beautiful birthday card.

    Elisapeta asked her Mum to make a carrot cake. She helped her Mum ice it: White chocolate and
    cream cheese. Mmm!

    The tail on the 'y' came off on the plastic wrap! We got to have a piece at home time. 
    It was delicious!