Saturday, 26 July 2014

Parachute Play on 22/7/14

On Tuesday 22 July, as part of the Koru Team Performing Arts rotation, Room 17 moved a huge colourful parachute in time to music. We had to make room in our classroom by moving the tables and chairs to the sides. We then learned the actions to three songs altogether. Just to check that we remembered the moves, we had another play with the parachute the next day before we put the tables back. We wrote stories about it and five people got to share their stories about it at our Te Roopu Koru Assembly on Friday. Check out our stories currently on display pegged to the window wire.
We are looking forward to the next six Tuesday afternoon rotations to the other Te Roopu Koru classrooms.

Music Missions Concert

On Friday June 27 at 2pm the whole school was fortunate to experience a music concert. Groups from Te Roopu Matau and Patu had worked with musicians from around the world along with instruments including broomsticks, rubbish bins, drumsticks, ukuleles and their voices during the week. They put on a concert for us all of everything they had learned over the week.


In weeks 7 and 8 each of our classes in the Koru Team had some fun-filled sessions with Jeanette. 

We did a variety of big ball skills in pairs.

We played a variation of the game Rob the Nest.

We finished off playing some games of netball.

Buddy Class Art Session

On Friday 13 June we did art with our buddy class, Room 9. 
Room 17 started before playtime by painting a background. The theme was mini beasts. 

After play, Room 9 joined our class. We viewed a youtube clip of the well-known story 
The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Then we made chain caterpillars from strips of coloured paper 
and decorated butterflies using crayon, felt pens or collage.

The finished product was put on display in the hall.