Saturday, 23 May 2015

New library furniture

    The children are enjoying having the new furniture in the library. well as the existing comforts. It has opened the library up and made it feel really spacious.

Rugby skills on 12.5.15

    Over the past two Tuesday's we have had Phil working with the Koru children and teaching them some basic rugby ball-handling skills. The first session was able to be held outside.
As part of the warm-up, the children ran around tagging each other with the ball. Then you had to "freeze" until someone else came along and set you free.
    Then the children got into circles.
    One, two then three balls were passed around simultaneously.
    The second session took part in the hall.
    We had to move "like washing machines" to receive and pass the ball.
    We also had to keep our eyes on the ball.

Back in Room 17

    We have now moved back into a newly refurbished Room 17.
    The children are relishing the new furniture and are loving the bright colours of their modern learning environment. 

School Cross Country on Friday 8.5.15

    The postponement day dawned fine and clear. We had a whole afternoon of spectating the races.
    Here are the year 2 boys lining up for their race.
    ...and they're off!
    Finn is getting into his stride. Nate is keeping him in sight.
    Some are making sure that they enjoy the race. Way to go Lucas, Nate and Jason!
    Riley and Kaleb have managed to avoid the pile-up at the back in the mad scramble to leave the   starting blocks...
    The first few year 2 boys have arrived at the finish line. Well done Finn!
    Ropiha is putting in a big effort just before the finish line.
    Next the year 2 girls line up with Mr Searle for their race.
    Jessie is in the lead. One more lap to go...
    Bella's getting into her stride and still smiling!
    Go Kayla!
    Jessie is proud of her first placing in the Y2 girls' race.
    Cindy finishes up in the field. Keziah lines up as Mrs Olliver writes down her third placing.
    Kayla's happy with her efforts.
    Charli has also given her best and is glad that's over!
    Overall in Y2, Finn placed second in the boys' race, Jessica McLennan placed first and Kezia Tuuina got third in the girls' race. The top ten place getters in each race have an opportunity to compete in the Upper Valley Cross Country Competition on Sunday 24 May. Good luck with your races all three of you.

Baking ANZAC biscuits on 30.4.15

On Tuesday Emma read us a story about a girl and her Mum baking some Anzac cookies for the girl'sDad who was far away fighting in the war.

    So on Thursday with Emma's help, we made a batch of Anzac cookies.
    We had to leave them on a wire rack to cool.

    We didn't get to taste them until Friday. Yum!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Buddy class time on 1.5.15

    We joined our buddy class Room 8 on Friday for a couple of games of non-stop cricket.
    All the children had fun. I was most impressed with the way that the room eight children looked after their younger buddies and showed them how to play the game. They were very encouraging. This is partly what having buddy classes is all about. It can bring out the best in some children. 😀