Thursday, 11 June 2015

Honey Tasting on 3.6.15

Today Room 17 got to taste three different types of honey. This was linked to our Term 2 Inquiry study. 
    The three different types were Clover, Manuka and Arataki runny honey.
    After each tasting Mrs McManus asked us what it tasted like and wrote our describing words on the whiteboard.
    We are going to write about it tomorrow.
    We thought about which kind of honey we liked the best.
    We had to sketch our faces and write our names on a coloured 'sticky'.
    We placed our 'sticky' on the pictograph.
    The finished graph looks like this:
     These are the class statements that we came up with about our pictograph:
    Having said that, all three flavours were a hit with the children. It was an awesome way to show the children how to go through a statistical investigation.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Buddy class time on 29.5.15

    On Friday we made the most of the weather and joined our buddy class.
    We divided Rooms 8 and 17 into two teams with some of each room in each team.
    Mr McLeod organised two games of tee-ball. He supervised one game and Seejay ran the other.