Monday, 24 August 2015

Ice! 25/8/15

Today in Mr Searle's class we put ice cubes in different areas of the room and predicted the order that the ice would melt.

Then we sat in a circle and passed an ice cube around. It melted in our hands because they are warm. 

Mr Searle had a ball of ice. We all felt it and it was smooth.... And very cold! 

After that Mr Searle poured salt on the ice ball. It melted the ice making it bumpy and rough. 

He poured green food colouring on it so we could see the roughness. 

Next we checked on the melting ice cubes. Melting results (fastest to slowest):
1. Ice cube on the heater
2. Ice on the red table
3. Ice by the window
4. Ice in the cloakbay

We also got to eat iceblocks! They were yummy. 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Basketball skills on 13 August 2015

The following piece of writing is by Finn Bolitho:
Today we played basketball. First we played Ship, Shark, Shore. I was the second to last person to win. But I lost. Second we played dribbling the ball. That was practise.
    We needed to have our eyes looking up. We also had to use our finger tips. 

    We also had to have the ball below our waist.
    Next we played Stuck in the Mud.
    After that we played a game called Stop Troll. George was the one who was stopping us. When he turned around we needed to balance the ball and hold it. If we lost the ball we would need to go to the yellow line.
    Finally we got to play the game that we play last of all on all of the basketball lessons.
    I got 5 or 4 goals.

    My favourite thing at basketball is shooting hoops because we get to shoot the ball into the air and I get lots of goals.  by Finn Bolitho
    Charlotte Lander: My favourite thing at basketball is Follow the Leader because you get to dribble.
    Kaleb Demanser: My favourite thing at basketball is Stop Troll. I like it because it's super challenging and I like challenging games. We could only dribble the ball when George is looking away.

Expanding Bags on 11.8.15

Yesterday we went to Room 20. We did an experiment called expanding bags. We needed vinegar, baking soda, a plastic bag and a tissue. I thought it would go all bubbly and would puff up and pop!! We put the baking soda in a tissue. Then we dropped it in the vinegar. It made a gas called carbon dioxide. The bag puffed up and went pop!! It popped because the vinegar made a gas called carbon dioxide.            by Kaleb Demanser

Yesterday we went to Room 20. We did Science. It was exploding. We used bags, baking soda, white vinegar and a tissue. We put the ingredients in the bag and we shook it. We went outside and we had a good shake. It got fatter and fatter and POP! I made the gas carbon dioxide.  
by Koru Tavesi

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Making ice cream on 4/8/15

This afternoon we went to room 21 for our science rotation. We predicted what would happen to cream when it cools down. Some of us thought it would stay as a liquid, and some thought it would turn into a solid. 

   First we mixed vanilla essence and sugar into the cream in a bag. 

   Then we put the bag in a bigger bag with ice cubes and rock salt. 

   We all took turns shaking the bag. 


    We shook the bag for about ten minutes...

    The cream cooled down and turned solid.

    It had turned into ice cream!

    We got to taste the ice cream.

    Yum! It was delicious!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Making butter from cream on 4.8.15

   Today we were finding out what happens when we shake cream in a jar. Koru predicted that the cream would turn into a solid. 

    We all took turns shaking the jar. 

   When we shook the jar, the cream turned from a liquid into a solid. 

    Koru's prediction was right. The cream turned into solid butter.